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Mandatory Disclosure
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1. Library:
1.1 The Library has separate reference section /Journal Section and reading room : Yes
1.2 Number of books in the library : 2089
1.3 Total number of educational Journals / periodicals being subscribed 05
1.4 Number of enclyclopedias available in the Library : 05 Set
1.5 Number of books available in the reference section of the library : 150
1.6 Seating capacity of the reading room of the library : Yes, for 50 Students
2. Instructional Facilities :
2.1 Details of laboratories available (Pl. attach annexure) : Attach Encloser
2.2 Arrangement made for practice teaching Yes
2.3 Number and Name of School(S) for practice teaching : 8 (Eight) Nos. Click to See The School Name